Frequently asked questions.


What can I do with BDO Discover?

BDO Discover provides a comprehensive business valuation platform and other online financial services. We have fully digitalised our products and made complex financial valuations/modeling more accessible, cost friendly and less time consuming to perform.

Who can use BDO Discover?

BDO Discover has been designed to provide a stress-free and easy-to-use interface for all your financial needs. We have streamlined the analysis process and provide descriptions and instructions in the form of tool tips to allow professionals and individuals alike to use our platform.

Why should I use BDO Discover?

Our platform offers various online financial services. Whether you need a business valuation, due diligence on an M&A transaction or would like to research comparable industries, our platform will provide it all!

How to contact us?

Please refer to our Contact page for more information.

How much does BDO Discover cost?

Please refer to our Subscription page for more information.


Where is our data sourced from?

Our system extracts data from a variety of public and non-public sources. Our data providers and vendors are some of the world's leading databases in the Greater Bay Area and globally. Our team and platform analyses the data and provides proprietary calculations to further enhance the datasets.

What is our data coverage?

Our current platform is limited to Hong Kong and China financial data. We have products in the pipeline, which will expand our data capabilities globally.

How often is the financial data updated?

Depending on the dataset, we will update the data daily, monthly, semi-annually or annually.


Does BDO Discover guarantee the accuracy of the data and results?

We strive in prioritising to provide high quality and accurate results. We look to only incorporate data from reputable third-party vendors. But the information, data and our assumptions may be incorrect, inaccurate and/or out of date. Therefore, any use of the platform is at your own discretion. For more information please read our Terms & Services.

Can I use BDO Discover as a legal document to support my investment decisions?

BDO Discover disclaims all liabilities in contract, negligence, for breach of statutory duty, or under any indemnity or otherwise in connection with the platform and third-party service and shall not be liable for any indirect, or consequential loss. For more information please read our Terms & Services.