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Whether you want to value, analyse or review financial data, you can do it all online on BDO Discover.

Income Approach

The income approach quantifies the present value of anticipated future cashflows generated by a business or an asset. Forecasts of future cashflows require analyses of variables that influence the cashflows, such as revenues, expenses and taxes.

Discounted Cash Flow

Customizable Business Plan

Interactive Graphs

Industry Benchmark Analysis

Market Approach

A multiple is simply a ratio that is calculated by dividing the market or estimated value of an asset by a specific item on the financial statements. The multiples approach is a comparables analysis method that seeks to value similar companies using the same financial metrics.

Market Multiples

Comparable Company Selection

Various Multiple Ratios

DLOM using Finnerty Model

Weighted Average Cost of Capital

The WACC is a calculation of a firm's cost of capital in which each category of capital is proportionately weighted. A firm’s WACC increases as the beta and rate of return on equity increase

Various Industries

Customizable Premiums

Multiple Beta Options

Multiple MRP Options

Comparable Companies

A comparable company analysis is a process used to evaluate the value of a company using the metrics of other businesses of similar size in the same industry. Comparable company analysis operates under the assumption that similar companies will have similar valuation multiples, such as EV/EBITDA.

Advanced Search System

HK & China Companies

GIC Industries

Financial Analysis

Health Check

Monitor the performance of a company on a very cost effective and timely basis, and identify red flags by comparing with a group of peer companies. Provide insights on a company's susceptibility to fraud risks via financial ratios benchmarking such as comparison of ratios and scores between the subject company and other peer companies.

M-Score and C-Score

Comparable Industries


Financial Analysis

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence is instituted by a prospective buyer to uncover a target company's commercial activity, viability and potential. Commercial due diligence services insight on market demand, commercial position, revenue, and competitive dynamics.

Graphs and Charts

Comparative Position


Industry Analysis

Expected Credit Loss

Expected credit loss analysis assesses the credit risk associated with receivables by adopting simplified approach of recognizing lifetime expected loss.

Credit Risk Check

Forward Looking Information

Recovery Rate

ECL Result

Lessee’s Incremental Borrowing Rate

Lessee’s incremental borrowing rate is the rate of interest that a lessee would have to pay to borrow over a similar term, and with a similar security, the funds necessary to obtain an asset of a similar value to the right-of-use asset in a similar economic environment.

Risk-free Rate

Credit Spread

Comparable Bonds

Illiquidity / Country Risk Premium


  • Innovative and fully digitilized, BDO Discover is a pioneer in providing interactive valuation & data analytical products all online.
  • Tap into our Market data platform and team of experts specialising in valuation, forensic accounting, due diligence, data and M&A.
  • Make use of our proprietary data and algorithms, which include industry benchmarking and financial analysis.
  • User friendly, easily accessible and cost effective. Complete a business valuation and more, with just a few clicks!


"Whether you want to value, analyse or review financial data, you can do it all online on BDO Discover!"

BDO Discover offer a number of products in this online evaluation tool, including Valuation, Due Diligence and Forensic & Insolvency.

Under those category BDO Discover provide multiple sub products, such as Income Approach, Weighted average cost of capial ("WACC"), Market Approach, Expected Credit Loss ("ECL") and Lessee's Incremental Borrowing Rate("LIBR").


"Embracing digitalization and innovation, BDO Discover was born."

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